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Malibu Media files 19 Suits Against Individual Does in the Northern District

Last week, Malibu Media filed 19 separate suits, each against a single Doe Defendant.  If Malibu follows their recent pattern, each will be accompanied by a document summarizing their “expanded surveillance” and a request for “exculpatory evidence.”

The cases are:

2013-CV-3726  (filed May 18, 2013)

2013-CV-3693 (filed May 17, 2013)

2013-CV-3694 (filed May 17, 2013)

2013-CV-3696 (filed May 17, 2013)

2013-CV-3697 (filed May 17, 2013)

2013-CV-3699 (filed May 17, 2013)

2013-CV-3700 (filed May 17, 2013)

2013-CV-3703 (filed May 17, 2013)

2013-CV-3704 (filed May 17, 2013)

2013-CV-3705 (filed May 17, 2013)

2013-CV-3706 (filed May 17, 2013)

2013-CV-3707 (filed May 17, 2013)

2013-CV-3710 (filed May 17, 2013)

2013-CV-3711 (filed May 17, 2013)

2013-CV-3644 (filed May 16, 2013)

2013-CV-3645 (filed May 16, 2013)

2013-CV-3647 (filed May 16, 2013)

2013-CV-3648 (filed May 16, 2013)

2013-CV-3649 (filed May 16, 2013)

If you are identified by your ISP as the Doe in a file sharing lawsuit, you may want to review this article, which contains some helpful tips on how to deal with these kinds of suits:


Atty Ad:  The Law Offices of Konrad Sherinian, LLC has successfully defended numerous file sharing cases alleging the use of Bit Torrent to copy movies, music, software and other content other the Internet.  Call (630) 318-2606 today for a free consultation if you have received a subpoena letter from your ISP.

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