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Zebra Technologies Denied Motion to Dismiss Intermec’s Counterclaims for Induced Infringement

Zebra Technologies v. Intermec, Case No. 12-9808 (N.D. Ill. 11-19-2013)(Judge Kendall)

After being sued by Zebra Technologies, Intermec counterclaimed by alleging induced infringement of several patents.  The claims were based on a combination of Zebra Technologies’s printers with mobile devices.  Zebra Technologies moved to dismiss these claims per Rule 12(b)(6) as allegedly not pleading sufficient facts on which to support a charge of induced infringement.  The Court denied.  In particular, the Court found that it was implied that Zebra Technologies wanted to sell as many printers as it could, and that Zebra Technologies touted integration with mobile devices, including those not made by Intermec.