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Michael Kors Files Another Suit in the Northern District of Illinois Against Numerous Alleged Counterfeiters

Michael Kors, L.L.C. filed a trademark infringement case in the Northern District of Illinois against numerous alleged parternships and unincorporated associations in the Federal District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. The partnerships and unincorporated associations are located in the People’s Republic of China and other foreign jurisdictions. Michael Kors alleges Trademark Infringement and Counterfeiting, False Designation of Origin, a Claim for Injunctive Relief Under The Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act as to the Defendants Operating a Defendant Domain Name Incorporating the Michael Kors Trademarks, and violation of Illinois Uniform Deceptive Trade Practices Act against the partnerships and unincorporated associations.

The case is Michael Kors, L.L.C. v. The Partnerships and Unincorporated Associations Identified on Schedule A; N.D. Ill. Case No. 2015-CV-00124.

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  1. Mariasol Madla says:

    I ordered a bag online operating under the website of MK Domain and trademark.
    Did not found out that this was a deceptive practices by this owner from Shanghai China until I went back to the WEBSITE and found it halted and no longer in existence and was taken over by the original MK.

    Whan I received the package ,I was surprised since it was labeled “Dress” instead of Bag

    .I suspected something when I opened the package it was the bag that I ordered in MK website. Found out it was not the original MK website (fraud)
    the owner officicalstore at hotmail .com contacted me since I told my credit card to rescind the payment

    .I read in MK website that the previous domain was halted and taken by the MK original 1/9/2015 and a lawsuit is underway.

    1/19/2015 I was contacted by the owner
    ,name is LIN YU at WU requested me to pay half….I told this owner
    I will return the counterfit bag…and I was told it was expensive to return and will not give me the address where to return the item..

    Should I do that since this was counterfit? Request a reply!….

    • Mariasol,

      First, I am sorry to hear that you received a counterfeit. This is certainly disturbing. The refusal to give you an address to return the bag is just the cherry on this counterfeit sundae!

      As far as what to do next, if you are sure that the bag is counterfeit, I would not pay anything. That said, you should understand that the bag seller can use various methods to cause you trouble; i.e., making credit reports, etc.

      I hope this helps. Good luck!


      • Mariasol Madla says:

        I am sure that I was deceived by this seller. I THOUGHT I WAS ACCESSING THE MK WEBSITE UNTIL I SUSPECTED THE NEXT DAY.

        YOU ARE RIGHT .THE SELLER E MAILED ME,HIS EMAIL ADDRESS: “OFficicalstoreonline @hotmail .com.

        In his email, mentioned his/her name as Yi LIU from Shanghai China I was amazed how this company was able to replicate the MK domain website and post their company on MK domain and was able to obtain MICHAEL KORS trademark..
        Even the pay pal Winservice went along.I did not suspect until I attempted to cancel the order and was told the item was already shipped (THE NEXT DAY)
        The seller e mailed me 1/19/15 trying to negotiate.
        For me to pay half the cost of the bag. I emailed him back and told him I will return the bag CUZ THE MANUFACTURING AND QUALITY IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

        ….Told me I will absorb the expensive cost of mailing to China..

        The company in US is losing the business due to this..COUNTERFITTER…
        How could we stop this cybersquatting and cyberhacking when they can easily hacked the internet and replicate the original WEB OF THE COMPANY.
        Should I return the bag In case he emailed his/her address or SHOULD i report it to the authority…I am awared the bag is fake because I know how MICHAEL KORS bag LOOKS ..The bag that I received looks cheap and plastic inside….

        .As FYI ,I disputed the original charges to my credit card company and told the credit card company not to pay the seller and I cancel my credit card..
        Can you imagine shipping the item as Dress instead of Bag to evade the custom……?

        Any suggestions ?….
        Thank you


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