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Ashland Inc. Sues Centralia Oil Change Shop for Trademark Infringement & Counterfeiting

Ashland, Inc., which owns the well known brand Valvoline, has sued Specialty Lube, Inc., a Centralia oil change shop, as well as its owner for trademark infringement, unfair competition, unjust enrichment, trademark dilution, and deceptive business practices.  Apparently, Ashland sent investigators to Specialty Lube twice, and found that the oil which was placed in their cars, which was supposed to Valvoline was a counterfeit instead.

The Case Number is 13-CV-95 (S.D. Ill).

True Religion Apparel Sues Chinese Counterfeiting Ring

True Religion Apparel, which makes and sells extraordinarily expensive blue jeans, has sued a large number of web sites that it accuses of operating a large counterfeiting ring.  True Religion alleges that the “Defendants attempt to avoid liability by going to great lengths to conceal both their identities and the full scope of their criminal counterfeiting operation.”

More to come.  The case number is N.D. Ill. 13-CV-580.